No Excuses: Go Nomadic - Online Blog Series Contribution

What's holding you back?

Answers to 15 common excuses folks have for not traveling full-time.

Over the years we’ve addressed the 15 most common excuses folks have given us for why they’re not living their dreams of full-time travel with facts, examples, resources and thoughts to ponder.

We went back through every post we made in this series and expanded them with even more information and more examples of real people making it work. We even added a new chapter. And now it’s an easy to access in one-place eBook!

This resource is the perfect antidote to all those excuses that are holding you back from living the life you want.

Jobs – Transition your existing career to telecommute or branch out on your own? Choose careers that are nomad friendly!

Affording it - Dispelling the myths about the high cost of travel. Addressing issues such as selling your home or renting it out, and reducing expenses you don’t need.

Stuff – Tips on letting go of attachments to things, and how to tackle the overwhelming purging process.

Family – Travel can be a great education for kids and keep you more connected to extended family.

Environmental Impact – You can travel and lower your ecological footprint on the world.

Pets – Some forms of travel are more pet friendly than others.

Community - Being nomadic opens up new opportunity for community.

Romance & Relationships – From solo travel to dealing with a partner who doesn’t share your wanderlust.

Logistics – How to handle mail, voting, taxes and banking – the mundane logistics.

Healthcare & Health – Considerations for health insurance and keeping healthy when you travel full time.

Overwhelm – Tips for handling the daunting tasks ahead of you for preparing your life to be mobile.

Lack of Continuity - How to find services on the road when you need them.

Safety – Being mobile really doesn’t have more risky than being stationary – just different.

Connectivity – How to stay connected online while in motion full time.

Held Back - Society doesn’t teach us to carve our own paths, how to responsibly exit the interstate to the American Dream.


We’re not putting a price tag on this eBook – it’s offered to you on a ‘Pay-as-You-Wish’ basis. Pay what it’s worth to you. Heck, even download it for free, and come back later and pay what it’s worth to you.

Just change the suggested price of $20 in the shopping cart to whatever you want to contribute.

All proceeds of this book are currently going into our SXSW Interactive 2011 Travel Fund, where we’ve been accepted to present on Technomadism. We don’t aim to make a living off our blog, or this eBook – we have high tech careers that fund us personally. By making a contribution for this eBook, you’re helping us continue to inspire others to live their dreams. Thank you!

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